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Do we need more bandwidth or are we just impatient?

Slow download times, delays, buffering… We’ve all experienced poor wait times when using our devices – so do we need more bandwidth? Is Your Network To Blame For Delays? Why We Need More Bandwidth… NOW! Waiting for files to download is a frustration we’ve all felt at one time or another. Substantial wait times can […]

Broadband 22 November 2017

Is Your Infrastructure Ready For the Exponential Impact of Pervasive Networks?

Demand for connectivity is expanding to increasing numbers and types of device. Network infrastructures need to be able to cope with an Internet of Things – is yours ready? Addressing the Exponential Growth of Modern Technologies In the last few years modern technology has expanded greatly, leading to increasing numbers of internet-capable devices, and growing […]

Infrastructure 15 November 2017

Considering Network Evolution in Building Design

Adapting to Suit Ever Evolving Networks Networks are all around us; without them, we wouldn’t be able to connect in the way we do. But as demand for these networks grows, are we integrating them into our building designs? Should we be designing networks for buildings, or designing buildings for networks? Consideration for growing network […]

Wireless 8 November 2017

Selecting Infrastructure Solutions: Considering Performance, Quality & Cost

What should you look for in a network infrastructure solution? We review key considerations to make when assessing solutions. What Should You Consider When Comparing Infrastructure Solutions? When asked about what to look for in a network infrastructure solution, my two starting points are usually performance and quality. But a third consideration, cost, is never far […]

Infrastructure 1 November 2017

The Value Of Aesthetic Cabling For Accessible Infrastructure

Why Tame Snakes in the Closet? Let’s be honest, network infrastructure (cabling) isn’t usually known for it’s aesthetic value. Rarely does it go on display in museums or on the pages of art books or magazines. We’re not likely to see the inside of a data center in an art gallery any time soon! In […]

Infrastructure 25 October 2017

Reducing Signal Degradation

Reducing Passive Intermodulation (PIM) is crucial to maintain an efficient network. For your networks to maintain optimum performance and best long-term channel capacity, it’s important to that you are able to understand the causes, and so reduce signal degradation. Passive Intermodulation (PIM) For a wireless cellular network to achieve its full operating potential, each sector […]

Wireless 18 October 2017

Are You Infrastructurally Enabled To Optimize the Cost per Bit?

Bandwidth or Capacity? As technology continues to evolve and bandwidth demands increase, it remains important that infrastructure solutions facilitate a better cost per bit. Is your network able to achieve that? Remember what information technology was like 20 to 30 years ago? A cross-country telephone conversation would often start with “please hurry, I’m calling long […]

Infrastructure 11 October 2017

7 Terms To Understand If You Work with Fiber Optics

Passive infrastructure is integral to ensuring effective networks today. Alongside aspects such as RF wireless infrastructure and structured cabling infrastructure design; it’s important that infrastructure professionals understand fiber to create more productive and effective networks. Understand fiber to be more productive and effective: Of course, for those working with fiber optics to make the right […]

Fiber Optic 4 October 2017

How a 70/20/10 Approach to Training Can Positively Impact Your Training Strategy

How the 70/20/10 Learning and Development Philosophy Fits the Infrastructure Industry Taking a 70/20/20 approach to learning and development can help to enhance the impact of training. Taking the consideration that 70% of learning occurs through practical learning and problem solving, 20% through feedback and mentoring and 10% through formal, conscious learning, this philosophy is […]

Training 27 September 2017

Infrastructure Design: What You Need to Consider When Accommodating Copper & Fiber Cabling

How often do you think about the practical accommodation of network infrastructure? While network infrastructure may not be known for it’s aesthetic value – rarely does it go on display in museums or in the pages of art books or magazines – it is still important to consider network design, as this impacts on performance, […]

Fiber Optic Infrastructure 20 September 2017