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[Case Study] Business-Wide Passive Infrastructure Training: wtec AG

Infrastructure Training
Posted by James Donovan on 6 September 2017 Connect with James on LinkedIn Estimated reading time: 1 minute

In this short case video, Colin Peter Massey details why wtec AG chose the Commscope Infrastructure Academy, and details the benefits they have seen since implementing Commscope training courses for their global staff.


About wtec

wtec is a fast-moving IT company with an excellent record of developing trendsetting products and services. Their state of the art innovative lighting system Smartengine, combines building intelligence with lighting technology over network infrastructure to minimize lighting costs, generate a healthy working environment and protect the climate.

Why Did wtec Choose the CommScope Infrastructure Academy?

“There are a lot of structured cabling vendors out there who offer training courses, but they don’t go into the depth and breadth that CIA courses do… “The great thing about these courses is that they provided not only an overview of products, but also with the technical knowledge behind that.”

As a business, wtec have three targets to work to. They want to:

  • Be recognized as Europe’s most customer-focussed technology business
  • Deliver highly innovative first class end-to-end solutions
  • Build strong partner relationships

Recognizing that in-depth training was the answer to supporting these goals, wtec have adopted Commscope Infrastructure Academy training, and implement a training and development plan for staff.

“We believe in training and educating our staff; first of all because it benefits the employee to be trained up and know what they are doing, and because it is of high value for the company as well… [training is] great for staff retention and great overall for the company – if we do a quality project, customers will come back. ”

wtec now has over 100 active certifications with CIA and see employees highly motivated to take CIA training. To learn more about the Passive Infrastructure courses CommScope offer, click here.