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7 Benefits of Patch-by-Exception

From operational and cost savings to advantages in manageability, security, and aesthetics, Patch-by-Exception delivers a range of benefits as a structured cabling solution. Below we explore 7 additional areas that benefit from PBE. 7 Patch-by-Exception Benefits Added Security In PBE, all active equipment can be safely locked away in cabinets, as cabling technicians do not […]

Enterprise Infrastructure 4 January 2017

Structured Cabling Solutions – PBE: Moves, Adds and Changes

Patch-by-Exception (PBE) offers multiple advantages as a structured cabling solution, from cost and operational benefits to installation, administration and maintenance advantages. Additionally, PBE presents advantages when it comes to moves, adds and changes. Patch-by-Exception and Moves, Adds and Changes We’ve previously explored what PBE is, and how it works when it comes to disconnection modules. […]

Enterprise Infrastructure 21 December 2016

Understanding The Cost and Operational Benefits of Patch-by-Exception

The Cost and Operational Benefits of Patch-by-Exception As we have previously explored, Patch-by-Exception is an alternative cabling solution that offers multiple benefits; from improved performance, to better manageability, security, and aesthetics. However, PBE also presents cost and operational advantages, which we will explore below. The Cost Benefits of Patch-by-Exception PBE design not only provides industry-leading […]

Enterprise Infrastructure 14 December 2016

What Is Patch-by-Exception and Why Do We Need It?

Patch-by-Exception For engineers looking for an easy, inexpensive yet high performing cabling alternative, Patch-by-Exception offers a solid solution. Helping to save time and money while improving performance, manageability, security and aesthetics, we explore what Patch-by-Exception is, and the need behind its use. Why We Need Patch-by-Exception The most common method of installing communications cabling systems […]

Enterprise Infrastructure 9 December 2016

How to Lay the Groundwork for Power Over Ethernet (PoE)

Power over Ethernet – The Means To Cope With Expanding Networks: Enterprise networks continue to expand, growing more versatile and complex. Devices once considered peripherals such as wireless access points (WAPs), security network cameras, building automation and control systems, and voice-over-IP (VoIP) phones are now important network assets. As more devices are added, the cabling […]

Enterprise 22 October 2015

3 Ways Fiber Optic Infrastructures Impact Enterprise Networks

From scalability to cost-efficiency: You are likely aware that fiber optics are dramatically changing the infrastructure landscape. But how are they doing so? Below are are three key ways that fiber optic infrastructures are impacting Enterprise networks, leading to improved costs, better productivity and more effective performance. 1. Commercial Real Estate Commercial buildings today are […]

Enterprise Fiber Optic 6 February 2015