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Fiber Optic

How Does Loss Impact Gigabit Transmission In Multimode Fiber?

The 6 Parameters That Influence Gigabit Transmission Technology: There are six parameters influencing gigabit optical transmission technology used for LAN electronics: Cable and Connector attenuation (channel loss) Intersymbol Interference (ISI) Penalty Receiver Eye Penalty Modal Noise Penalty Mode Partition Noise Penalty Relative Intensity Noise Channel loss and Intersymbol Interference (ISI) make up the bulk of […]

Fiber Optic 4 September 2015

The Rise and Evolution of Ethernet

Survival of the Fastest – the Evolution of Ethernet: Of all the network protocols, Ethernet is clearly the market favourite. As Ethernet evolved to higher-speed forms, it addressed the needs of users with a cost-effective reliable solution to their data networking needs. Additionally, switched Ethernet networks have shown themselves to be extremely robust, performing over […]

Fiber Optic Wireless 7 August 2015

The Difference Between Types of Fiber Optic Cable

What Are The Three Types Of Fiber Cable Available In Enterprise Networks Today? There are three type of fiber cable in Enterprise networks today – Multimode, Singlemode, and Laser-Optimized Multimode. Which fiber cable is better? The answer depends on the parameters of the network: the applications the network will need to support over the next […]

Fiber Optic 30 July 2015

How Funneling Effects Lead to Fiber Optic Deployment

Due to the hierarchical nature of networks and the “funnelling” effects of IP switching, the “need for speed” increases the further one gets from the user. Adapting to technological change and demand Technological evolution over the years has been substantial, involving a migration to switched 1Gbps at the desktop, switched 10Gbps capability; first at the […]

Fiber Optic 7 May 2015

Top considerations for accommodating copper & fiber cabling

“Network infrastructure isn’t known for its aesthetic value.” Rarely does it go on display in museums or in the pages of art books or magazines – because network infrastructure design focuses primarily on performance, quality and functionality. That’s not to say that these aren’t important in their own way, but they don’t usually become the […]

Fiber Optic Infrastructure 12 March 2015

More Bars on Your Phone Means More Fiber to the Antenna (FTTA)

Cost-effectively addressing cellular communications’ capacity needs: In the cellular communications market, the primary driver is steadily increasing demand for bandwidth and capacity. In order for networks to cope and meet requirements, this demand is being addressed in three ways; 1. By introducing new radio technologies like HSPA and LTE 2. Through the deployment of new […]

Fiber Optic 25 February 2015

Domestic or Municipal, Fiber Optic Infrastructure is Coming to You!

The backbone of society; How the advance of Fiber powers tomorrow’s networks? In the Broadband market, the opportunity for Fiber-to-the-Home solutions is growing rapidly, as more and more households get online, on increasing numbers of devices. As the demand grows, so does availability and access. But it’s not just home networks increasing demand. In addition, […]

Fiber Optic 17 February 2015

Schools, Hospitals, Factories – Ideal Applications for Fiber Optic Infrastructures

Adapting to suit – How fiber fits a variety of environments: Capable of hugely varied application and function, fiber optic infrastructure solutions facilitate a wide range of environments and enable a more effective, productive future. As an example, this post will examine three very different applications or areas that benefit from fiber optic infrastructure. The […]

Fiber Optic Infrastructure 11 February 2015

3 Ways Fiber Optic Infrastructures Impact Enterprise Networks

From scalability to cost-efficiency: You are likely aware that fiber optics are dramatically changing the infrastructure landscape. But how are they doing so? Below are are three key ways that fiber optic infrastructures are impacting Enterprise networks, leading to improved costs, better productivity and more effective performance. 1. Commercial Real Estate Commercial buildings today are […]

Enterprise Fiber Optic 6 February 2015

Cat Copper Cabling vs Fiber Cabling; When and Where Should They be Installed?

Copper Cabling vs Fiber Cabling: Network owners are faced with the question of whether and where to install ‘Cat’ 5e, 6 or 6A copper cabling, and/or multimode/singlemode fiber cabling system for different areas of the network ‘diet’. Unfortunately, there is not a clearly defined answer to this question. Most private networks require a mixture of […]

Fiber Optic Infrastructure 20 January 2015