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Understanding Antenna Systems Within RF Communications

The antenna system is an important part of an RF communication system — without it, the system wouldn’t work. Of course as the antenna system is common to both the transmitter and the receiver; any change made in the antenna system affects both transmission and reception. An antenna is formed of a few basic parts: […]

Infrastructure 7 June 2017

Learn to Adapt to the Changing Landscape of Building’s Cabling Infrastructure

Network owners are often faced with the question of where to install (and whether they should install) Category 5e, 6 or 6A copper cabling, and/or multimode/singlemode fiber optic cabling for different areas of their buildings network. Unfortunately, there is not a clearly defined answer to this question. Most private networks require a mixture of both […]

Infrastructure 31 May 2017

Power over Ethernet – The Means to Support the Growing Number of Networked Devices

Enterprise networks continue to expand, growing more versatile and complex. As a result, devices once considered peripherals such as wireless access points (WAPs), security network cameras, building automation and control systems, LED lighting and sensors are now important network assets. However, as more devices are added, the cabling infrastructure needed to support them grows and […]

Infrastructure 24 May 2017

Learn How To Build Pervasive Passive Infrastructures

In the last few years modern technology has expanded greatly, leading to increasing numbers of internet-capable devices and growing network demand. From tablets to eReaders, smartphones to iPads, most of us take our gadgets with us wherever we go – including to the office. And while device accessibility is useful and improves productivity, it can […]

Infrastructure 17 May 2017

Bandwidth or Capacity? The Passive Infrastructure Challenge

Despite our insatiable appetite for increased bandwidth, whether over a wired or wireless network, demand is only fed at the right price. However, let’s be clear it is not a choice of price alone, but a decision on what bandwidth or capacity one gets for the price or the ‘cost per bit’ or ‘cost per […]

Infrastructure 10 May 2017

Using a Universal Connectivity Grid for More Flexible and Cost-Efficient Cabling

How to enable cost-efficient cabling In an increasingly connected workplace, the architecture of today’s telecommunications cabling is quickly evolving. Networks designed to support a handful of workstation-based applications must now support a litany of distributed devices, which may include Wi-Fi, security, access control, space and energy management, and lighting. IT and Facilities managers must consider […]

Infrastructure 3 May 2017

Understand the Passive Infrastructure That Underpins Your Network

By 2020, IoT predictions expect that between 20-30 billion devices will be connecting to networks. For anyone who works with passive network infrastructure (cables, connectors, antennas, panels, shelves or frames), this is huge news, presenting substantial opportunities for career growth, knowledge acquisition and training.   What is Passive Infrastructure? Passive infrastructure… Transmission media… Physical layer… […]

Infrastructure 28 April 2017

What is Latency in a Network Infrastructure?

What is Latency? Latency is a time delay between a stimulation and its response. It is caused by velocity limitations in a physical system. In simplest terms, latency is the time it takes for a signal to travel (or propagate) from point A to point B. In telecommunications, latency describes the time delay of a […]

Infrastructure 5 April 2017

A Guide to BIM (Building Information Modeling) Standards and COBie

Outlining the U.S. National BIM Standards (NBIMS-US™) In the U.S., the national BIM standard (NBIMS-US™) was published by the buildingSMART alliance® (a council of the U.S. National Institute of Building Sciences) at the end of 2007. Since then, it has undergone several revisions. The finalized NBIMS-US™ V3 was released in July 2015. NBIMS-US™ is supported […]

Infrastructure 25 January 2017

What Are The Applications of BIM (Building Information Modeling) Models

What do BIM Models Currently Cover? At the moment, BIM models cover the following areas: Architectural Structural Mechanical Electrical Plumbing Each discipline creates a BIM model, and all models are integrated into a composite master model. As more and more business and building applications (such as voice, data, video, wireless and building control services) operate […]

Infrastructure 18 January 2017