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Advice for IT & Facilities Managers on Cabling Infrastructure Integration

Cabling Infrastructure Integration Using dedicated cabling infrastructures for different systems is a tradition that’s slow to die – now the era of new IP-based wired and wireless systems is making the savings offered by integrated cabling infrastructure hard to ignore. Doing things the way they’ve always been done is a comfortable approach that leads to […]

Infrastructure 16 December 2015

Step by Step Guide to Patch Cord Management: Part 1 Twisted Pair

Best Practices in Patch Cord Management Patch cords have the potential to be the weakest link in twisted pair and fiber optic network infrastructures. It is essential to follow correct procedures in administration of twisted pair and fiber optic patch cords to achieve optimum performance and reliability. Applying best practice at every stage will also […]

Infrastructure 4 December 2015

The Importance of The Site Survey in Infrastructure Design

Considering Infrastructure Design Probably the first step in considering an infrastructure design is to review the building plans and the RFQ (Request for Quotation) from the customer, consultant or building contractor. But the next step is quite often the most important which is conduct a site walkthrough or survey depending upon the nature of the […]

Infrastructure 18 November 2015

The Infrastructure of a Data Center: What’s Included?

The Typical Layout of a Data Center: The Data Center is more than just the computer room area. By definition, the Infrastructure of a Data Center includes the Computer room, Entrance room, Telecom room, Office, Network Operations Center (NOC) and Support Rooms. Large data center layouts For large Data Centers that utilize an entire building; […]

Infrastructure 11 November 2015

Transforming Buildings and Businesses with Integrated Network Infrastructure

The Benefits of Integrated Network Infrastructure: As well as lower installation and operational costs, integrated network infrastructure offers other major benefits to real estate owners and developers. The ‘network workspace’ is now as important as the physical workspace and can have a critical impact on the efficiency and productivity of businesses. As a result, many […]

Infrastructure 28 October 2015

Infrastructure Considerations for HDBaseT Networks

Commercial and domestic infrastructure considerations: The availability of high-end digital video systems for both home and commercial premises is creating the need for a video distribution application supported by generic local area networks (LANs). Homeowners want to be able to move video from a central source, such as a cable company set-top box or a […]

Infrastructure 29 September 2015

How to Best Prepare to Power Low Voltage Devices

Exploring the Cabling Infrastructure for Buildings: Using one data and communications infrastructure to replace all others (with the possible exception of some fire alarm connections) is a practical proposition for most buildings. There is usually, however, another cabling infrastructure to provide electrical equipment throughout the building with power. The rise of low voltage devices and […]

Infrastructure 23 September 2015

Cabling And Bandwidth Performance Requirements: Megabits vs. Megahertz

Specifying Cabling Bandwidth Performance: Often, confusion can arise when assessing and specifying cabling system bandwidth performance and other performance requirements for current and future high speed data applications. The confusion relates to the terms ‘Megabits per second’ (Mbps) and ‘MegaHertz’ (MHz), or ‘Gigabits per second’ (Gbps) and ‘GigaHertz’ (GHz). Mbps and MHz are NOT the […]

Infrastructure 9 September 2015

Cabling and Networking Technology – How Are They Linked?

Cabling and networking improvements: Addressing the need to transmit higher bit rates over cabling: As higher speed network equipment is introduced, cabling systems that support that capacity are introduced and deployed. The typical sequence of events has been: R&D and planning start; industry study groups are formed. Cabling and Networking standards groups are formed and […]

Infrastructure 13 August 2015

Take Copper Cabling Technicalities Seriously

Introduction To Copper Cabling Technicalities: As network speeds have increased and copper cables and connectors have improved, the network designer must account for the impact that copper cabling channel components and their installation have on performance. The data-carrying capacity of a structured cabling system is affected by a number of impairments introduced into the channel […]

Infrastructure 27 July 2015