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Intelligent Buildings – The Revolution of the Telecommunications Industry?

Preparing for a fully connected environment: As people begin to understand the impact of modern technology on business now and into the future, they start to realize the potential benefits of networking various building systems, devices and applications. Through a connected building network, it is possible not only share the value generated by the knowledge […]

Infrastructure Wireless 10 April 2015

Are Infrastructures Ready to Cope With Network Capacity Challenges?

How is infrastructure set to change, and what can be done to prepare? A common theme in the convergence of network and wireless systems is the expanded use of IP (Internet Protocol) to enable communication between a wide array of devices. As we know from traditional networking, this convergence will drive the use of standard […]

Infrastructure Wireless 3 April 2015

Cat Copper Cabling vs Fiber Cabling; When and Where Should They be Installed?

Copper Cabling vs Fiber Cabling: Network owners are faced with the question of whether and where to install ‘Cat’ 5e, 6 or 6A copper cabling, and/or multimode/singlemode fiber cabling system for different areas of the network ‘diet’. Unfortunately, there is not a clearly defined answer to this question. Most private networks require a mixture of […]

Fiber Optic Infrastructure 20 January 2015

Network Cabling; A Commodity or Not?

How important is network cabling? I hear more and more people refer to the fact that cabling is becoming commoditized, meaning more often than not, it is seen as a negative thing. The question is, how important is network cabling? Is it a commodity? Or should it be viewed as more crucial? How important is […]

Infrastructure 14 January 2015

There’s Light at the End of the Tunnel; The Infrastructure Evolution

The Infrastructure Evolution and what can be done about it? Change in the way we work has never moved at a steady pace. As with life itself, evolution in business can happen very fast, if the conditions are right. Often, this is at the moment when key technologies mature; such as with personal computing in […]

Infrastructure 6 January 2015

IP and Cabling – The Debate on IP Convergence

The Debate Surrounding IP Convergence: IP is defined as ‘Internet Protocol’ and IP Convergence is a term few will describe with precision. The heavy use of the term in popular culture has raised IP convergence (aka ‘IP Everywhere’) to cultural icon status, leading managers on to ask the critical question, “So, what is our IP […]

Infrastructure 13 November 2014

Structured Network Infrastructures

New Challenges for Structured Network Infrastructures: Technology is converging at an ever increasing rate, presenting managers of network infrastructures with a number of new challenges. These managers must now be well versed not only in the installation and support of integrated voice, data, video & building management products over wired networks, but also with wireless […]

Infrastructure 5 November 2014

Managing offices in a changing environment

Managing offices for future networking trends: Probably the most certain feature of networks in the office is uncertainty. Although the acceleration of developments in networking is not set to decline, it is possible to prepare for future networking trends and their impact on businesses in general, and upon offices in particular. The traditional role of […]

Infrastructure 2 September 2014

Patch cords are your weakest link

Finding the weak link in your cabling It’s a commonly known fact in the cabling industry that patch cords can be the “weak link” in any end-to-end infrastructure solution. Like anything in life, weak links need to be repaired in order for any solution to work effectively. Historically, many businesses focused on the cable performance […]

Infrastructure 14 August 2014