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New Course Available Now: [SP8850] Pre Terminated Data Center Solutions

New Course Available Now: [SP8850] Pre Terminated Data Center Solutions

25 May 2017 | Reading Time: 2 minutes

The SP8850 – ‘Pre Terminated Data Center Solutions’ course has now been updated. The latest version incorporates the latest advances in MPO connectivity and migration strategies as well as new interactions, graphics and quizzes. The course also uses the latest HTML player.


What Does SP8850 Cover?

Designed to help students understand Data Center infrastructure technology and design, this course details the latest infrastructure standards, network topologies and DC layouts with a view towards optimum performance, energy and space efficiency.

Some top level course objectives are to help students to:

  • Understand data center infrastructure design and architectures
  • Understand how changing data center technology and architecture is increasing the density required with integrated and more efficient equipment.
  • Look at copper pre-terminated solutions and how its use can affect installation times and moves adds and changes
  • Look at fiber pre-terminated solutions and how polarity and future migration capabilities impact system selection
  • Ensure that the student understands fiber losses, how to calculate correctly and how these can be minimized.
  • To show how correctly designed data center infrastructure has long term benefits especially in regard to upgrade paths to faster communication speeds.

Key topics covered include data center technology, terminology, High Speed Migration, tiers and levels of reliability, polarity, cabling containment architecture, key standards, data center architectures, high-speed applications, switching architectures, cable installation and much more.

A full list of objectives and key topics are outlined on the SP8850 course page.


Who Should Take SP8850?

This course is designed for anyone involved in Data Center infrastructure design, installation or management. Students should already have some knowledge and be looking to increase their knowledge and understanding of cabling choices and architectures.

As this course explores how to make decisions on cable type, cable containment methods, rack and cabinet design, power supplies, and MPO polarity and pinning specification (together with the standards that must be considered). Anyone involved in those areas will benefit from studying this course.

Total estimated study time for this course is 10.5 hours. Upon completion students will achieve the Data Center Cabling Specialist (DCCS) certification, and as this is an ‘Infrastructure Specialist’ course, may request the related badge.

Find out more, or book your course here.


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