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New Course Available Now: [WR9110] Carrier Virtualization With SDN and NFV

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Posted by James Donovan on 10 March 2017 Connect with James on LinkedIn Estimated reading time: 1 minute

This new webinar course is designed for anyone looking to understand the fundamentals of SDN and NFV.

What does WR9110 include?

This course provides students with an understanding of Software Defined Networks (SDN) and Network Function Virtualisation (NFV) and supplies an overview of the impact each of these technologies has on the Central Office.

Students will also gain more insight into how Service Providers may migrate their network to these technologies in their complex network environments.

Comprised of three parts, the webinar courses cover:

  • Part One: What are SDN and NFV?
  • Part Two: The Network Impact of SDN and NFV
  • Part Three: The Central Office of the Future

As a prior understanding of Central Office technology and architectures would be beneficial, we recommend students also study the SP1000 Infrastructure for Broadband Applications course.

The total study time for this course is 1 hour. Total webinar content duration is 55 minutes.

For the full course description or to book the course, go to https://www.commscopetraining.com/courses/webinars/wr9110/carrier-virtualization-with-sdn-and-nfv/