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Installation of Fiber Optic Connectivity Solutions – 6 New Courses Available Now

6 New Courses Available, Covering Installation of Fiber Optic Connectivity Solutions: CommScope Infrastructure Academy is pleased to announce the release of six new courses relating to the installation of Fiber Optic Connectivity Solutions. The courses are: [WR9411] FOSC 450 Cable Preparation & Installation [WR9412] FOSC 600 Cable Preparation & Installation [WR9413] Fiber Distribution Hub 3000 […]

Academy News Training News 18 April 2016

New Test and Measurement Course Available: [WR9350] Setup and Operation of Fluke Networks® Versiv™ Cabling Certification System

Who is [WR9350] for? Recommended for those involved in the setup, preparation and operation of Field Test Equipment, the [WR9350] Setup and Operation of Fluke Networks® Versiv™ Cabling Certification System is available now. This course is designed for anyone responsible for the testing and inspection of installations in a network infrastructure. About the WR9350 course […]

Academy News Training News 23 March 2016

New Support Contact Options On CommScope Training

New Support Contact Options For The CommScope Training Site: At the CommScope Infrastructure Academy we are always looking at ways we can improve our customer experience, it’s a bit of an obsession. When it comes to customer service, email remains popular, but now we have launched “Online Chat” as an alternative communication method. You can […]

Academy News Training News 16 March 2016

New Course: Best Practice for Patch Cord Management [WR9301]

New Course [WR9301] on Patch Cord Management Best Practices: New to CommScope, the ‘Best Practice for Patch Cord Management [WR9301]’ course is available now. What Does the WR9301 Course Cover? In twisted pair and fiber optic network infrastructures, patch cords have the potential to be the weakest component. To avoid this and reduce the cost […]

Academy News Training News 24 February 2016

Issue 9, Quarter 4 2015 of The Standards Advisor

Setting the standards for reliable, compliant networks: Issue 9, Quarter 4 2015 of The Standards Advisor is available for download now. Providing you with quarterly updates on the latest standards relevant to the structured cabling industry, this newsletter explores the impact those standards will have on your network design, planning and operations in future. What […]

Academy News 27 January 2016

2016 Trends for Outdoor Radio Access Network (RAN) Architecture

2016 Trends For The Wireless Industry: The wireless industry is always changing. With 4G capability well underway and 5G in sight, the industry is already evolving to the next generation of wireless networks. Ben Cardwell senior vice president and segment leader of CommScope Mobility Solutions believes there are three primary trends coming in 2016 in […]

Technology News 22 January 2016

What can we expect from Intelligent Buildings in 2016?

“Demand for Intelligent Buildings is increasing” As there are now more active mobile connections than there are people in the world, and most mobile connections originate and terminate indoors; the demand for intelligent buildings is increasing – in both commercial and domestic settings. From cellular connections to Wi-Fi capability, building connectivity is an increasingly valued […]

Technology News 18 January 2016

Introducing The New Search Function on the CommScope Training Forum

Have you noticed our new search function? Alongside our new contemporary design, by popular request, the new CommScope Training Forum now has a search function enabled so you can locate training articles both old and new. What is different, and how does this affect you? The blog forum now contains a ‘search’ function which you will […]

Academy News 12 January 2016

Find Interesting News and Blog Posts With The New CommScope Training Forum Layout

The latest industry news and resources, but clearer Introducing a new contemporary design, the new CommScope Training Forum has undergone some recent changes. What is different, and how does this affect you? Helping us provide current news and training, the blog forum contains the same information but now delivered in an enhanced user-friendly format. Clear […]

Academy News 16 November 2015

New to CommScope – Microwave Path Engineering Fundamentals [SP6700]

Microwave Path Engineering Fundamentals [SP6700] A new course to CommScope, [SP6700] Microwave Path Engineering Fundamentals is available now. This is the first of a series of courses supplied by Comsearch, a CommScope division which specializes in providing tools and processes to manage and optimize the spectrum and signals used for telecommunication. What does the SP6700 […]

Training News 12 November 2015