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New Course Available Now: [WR9810] CommScope High Speed Migration Solution For Data Centers

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Posted by James Donovan on 18 May 2017 Connect with James on LinkedIn Estimated reading time: 1 minute

The WR9810 – ‘CommScope High Speed Migration (HSM) Solution for Data Centers’ course is available now.


What Does WR9810 Cover?

Exploring the various components that make up CommScope’s ultra low loss datacenter solution, WR9810 introduces the various components of the High Speed Migration (HSM) solution, polarity features and pinning arrangements.


CommScope’s high-speed migration solution addresses the key challenges faced in the data center today regarding the growth of network infrastructure.


Over four webinars, WR9810 outlines challenges such as:

  • How to increase fiber and equipment port density, while maintaining manageability
  • Understanding which technologies provide the capabilities needed – now as well as an open path to the future
  • How to guarantee support for increased speeds in the future without having to redesign the data center
  • Understanding how your high-speed migration plan can affect your time to market and operational and deployment costs


Who Should Take WR9810?

Designed to help anyone responsible for cabling systems in a network infrastructure such as Datacenter or Central Office, WR9810 is a webinar only course. The course contains four videos and has an estimated study time of 35 minutes. No prerequisite knowledge is required for this webinar course.
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