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7 Terms To Understand If You Work with Fiber Optics

Passive infrastructure is integral to ensuring effective networks today. Alongside aspects such as RF wireless infrastructure and structured cabling infrastructure design; it’s important that infrastructure professionals understand fiber to create more productive and effective networks. Understand fiber to be more productive and effective: Of course, for those working with fiber optics to make the right […]

Fiber Optic 4 October 2017

How a 70/20/10 Approach to Training Can Positively Impact Your Training Strategy

How the 70/20/10 Learning and Development Philosophy Fits the Infrastructure Industry Taking a 70/20/20 approach to learning and development can help to enhance the impact of training. Taking the consideration that 70% of learning occurs through practical learning and problem solving, 20% through feedback and mentoring and 10% through formal, conscious learning, this philosophy is […]

Training 27 September 2017

Infrastructure Design: What You Need to Consider When Accommodating Copper & Fiber Cabling

How often do you think about the practical accommodation of network infrastructure? While network infrastructure may not be known for it’s aesthetic value – rarely does it go on display in museums or in the pages of art books or magazines – it is still important to consider network design, as this impacts on performance, […]

Fiber Optic Infrastructure 20 September 2017

Understand How Loss Impacts Gigabit Transmission In Multimode Fiber

What parameters impact gigabit transmission in multimode fiber? We explore important factors that anyone working with multimode fiber should be aware of and understand. The 6 Parameters That Influence Gigabit Transmission Technology: There are six parameters influencing gigabit optical transmission technology used for LAN electronics. These are: Cable and Connector attenuation (channel loss) Intersymbol Interference […]

Fiber Optic 13 September 2017

[Case Study] Business-Wide Passive Infrastructure Training: wtec AG

In this short case video, Colin Peter Massey details why wtec AG chose the Commscope Infrastructure Academy, and details the benefits they have seen since implementing Commscope training courses for their global staff.     About wtec wtec is a fast-moving IT company with an excellent record of developing trendsetting products and services. Their state […]

Infrastructure Training 6 September 2017

[Video] Why Learn About Passive Infrastructure?

Passive infrastructure is a foundation and fundamental of any network used today. We all use it in our everyday lives; passive infrastructure forms the parts of a network that you don’t see, but that enable us to connect to the internet and communicate. Because passive infrastructure is so integral to modern networks, infrastructure demand is […]

Infrastructure 30 August 2017

Understand Passive Intermodulation (PIM) For Successful Wireless Network Modernization

Preventing Negative Network Performance Issues Pervasive network performance issues are a consistent presence in wireless communications. Yet in today’s competitive and rapidly growing wireless communications industry, no provider can afford to ignore them. As networks expand and increase in complexity, disruptive issues such as passive intermodulation (PIM) will only worsen – negatively impacting the entire […]

Wireless 23 August 2017

Why Now Is The Time To Learn About Wired and Wireless Cabling Infrastructures

Passive infrastructure – the physical technology that allows us to connect and communicate – is the driving force behind modern networks. For organizations striving to make most effective use of people, workspaces and business systems – this infrastructure provides flexibility, reliability and security; all key to enabling optimum worker productivity and corporate efficiency. In short, […]

Wireless 16 August 2017

5 Ways to Improve Wireless Coverage and Capacity

Why Do We Need To Improve Wireless Bandwidth Availability? How many devices do you currently have access to that require wireless bandwidth? Thinking about your home environment, your work environment and everywhere in between, you’re likely to have mobile phones, iPads or other tablets, laptops, eReaders, smartwatches, games consoles, cameras – and more – as […]

Wireless 9 August 2017

Interference Isolation in Wireless Systems

What causes RF interference and complications? We explore the causes, review considerations that must be made to avoid interference, and review example challenges that stand in the way effective signals?   RF Interference: What is it, and why does it occur? An RF communications system that employs simultaneous, two-way flow of voice, data or other […]

Wireless 2 August 2017