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Dispersion in Multimode Optical Fiber and Intersymbol Interference (ISI)

What is intersymbol interference? What types of dispersion affect optical fiber? How can dispersion be minimised? And what performance standards are required of multimode optical fiber solutions today?   What Is Intersymbol Interference (ISI)? Intersymbol Interference (ISI) is the spreading of a ‘bit’ into the adjacent ‘bit’ periods. Ideally, a bit would consist of a […]

Fiber Optic 26 July 2017

How To Increase Antenna Signal Strength Through Design

Antennas are a core component of modern passive infrastructure. Understanding how to specify, design and install them is crucial to maintaining successful network performance the design of an antenna can have a substantial impact on signal strength. Because of this, below we’ve outlined key antenna design considerations to increase signal strength.   Vertical and horizontal antenna […]

Wireless 19 July 2017

How Do Wireless Networks Transmit Data?

RF wireless infrastructure helps to shape the networks we know today; in fact, an integrated approach to wireless infrastructure can boost-end user adoption, leverage existing infrastructure and applications, enable enhanced working and reduced costs. Supported and complemented by cabling infrastructure, wireless is a core part of effective networks. But how do wireless networks actually work? […]

Wireless 12 July 2017

Cellular Wireless 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G – Watch The Evolution

Wireless networks – and demand for them – are ever growing and evolving. So how have cellular wireless networks changed since the early days of 1G and where are we heading next?     The Start of the Mobile Generation: Cellular wireless networks have developed a long way from the first mobile phone systems. Since the […]

Wireless 5 July 2017

Flexible Passive Infrastructure for Wired and Wireless Networks

As organizations strive to make more effective use of people, workspaces and business systems, flexibility may be the single biggest factor in worker productivity and corporate efficiency.   Flexible Passive Infrastructure Creates Flexible Work and Lifestyles What underpins a company’s ability to create flexible work and lifestyles? The network and its passive infrastructure. Today’s businesses […]

Infrastructure 28 June 2017

Considerations to Reduce Passive Intermodulation (PIM)

For a wireless cellular network to achieve its full operating potential, each sector within the network must perform up to its design standard. Reducing Passive Intermodulation (PIM) is a key component of maintaining an efficient network. When this does not occur, the economic impact to the service provider can be substantial: Lost revenue at that […]

Wireless 21 June 2017

Get the Maximum Available RF Signal by Fine Tuning Your Antennas

As more and more devices join our networks and use up valuable bandwidth, what can we do to keep our networks functioning? More and more devices are eating up available wireless bandwidth and we need to ensure that we have the maximum available RF signal by fine tuning antennas. If you think about how many […]

Wireless 14 June 2017

Understanding Antenna Systems Within RF Communications

The antenna system is an important part of an RF communication system — without it, the system wouldn’t work. Of course as the antenna system is common to both the transmitter and the receiver; any change made in the antenna system affects both transmission and reception. An antenna is formed of a few basic parts: […]

Infrastructure 7 June 2017

Learn to Adapt to the Changing Landscape of Building’s Cabling Infrastructure

Network owners are often faced with the question of where to install (and whether they should install) Category 5e, 6 or 6A copper cabling, and/or multimode/singlemode fiber optic cabling for different areas of their buildings network. Unfortunately, there is not a clearly defined answer to this question. Most private networks require a mixture of both […]

Infrastructure 31 May 2017

Power over Ethernet – The Means to Support the Growing Number of Networked Devices

Enterprise networks continue to expand, growing more versatile and complex. As a result, devices once considered peripherals such as wireless access points (WAPs), security network cameras, building automation and control systems, LED lighting and sensors are now important network assets. However, as more devices are added, the cabling infrastructure needed to support them grows and […]

Infrastructure 24 May 2017