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16 Ways To Secure Management Investment In Training

Investment in Training: The fact that training is key to developing skills and enhancing employee abilities and productivity is old news. Most managers today are agreed on the benefits and investment in training. Challenges however lie in the perceived time/resource drain that training will have when margins are tight and all must be productive for […]

Training 29 April 2015

How to Get Cabling Certified in 7 Steps?

7 Steps to Selecting and Completing the Right CommScope Certification and Relevant Courses; Want to get cabling certified but aren’t sure which courses to choose, what the training involves, or if it’s right for you? Follow these steps to be confident in your cabling certification. 1. Choose a certification Select which certification is right for […]

Training 24 March 2015

How the 70/20/10 learning and development philosophy fits the Infrastructure Industry

The 70/20/10 learning and development model; The 70/20/10 learning and development model, developed in the early 90s by Robert Eichinger, Michael Lombardo and Morgan McCall, asserts that 70 percent of learning and development takes place from real-life and on-the-job experiences, tasks, and problem solving; 20 percent of the time, development comes from other people through […]

Training 18 March 2015

Recognized Training Certifications With Wireless & Cabling Infrastructure Courses!

Are you thinking about earning a Network Infrastructure Training Certification? Wondering about whether it’s worth the effort? Get hired: Many infrastructure job positions require experience with CommScope or similar industry organizations. Hiring managers indicate that training certifications are a high or medium priority during candidate evaluation process. HR execs verify certifications among job candidates, and […]

Training 4 March 2015

Get the design and installation you deserve

Design, Installation and Performance: Achieving the highest performance from a network infrastructure solution begins with the research and development of the products, and it continues with quality manufacturing and reliable supply all around the world. But the challenge doesn’t end there. According to end user surveys that we and other industry bodies have undertaken over […]

Training 10 October 2014

e-Learning or Instructor-Led Training?

Is it better to learn online, or in a classroom? This is one of my most often asked questions. Is it better to learn online, or in a classroom? For me, there’s no comparison! Each has it’s own benefits and all students have their own preferred way of learning. Some people still prefer to be […]

Training 25 September 2014