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Power Supply Challenges with Small Cells, Wi-Fi Hotspots, and HD Security-Camera Access

We Need Power Where? The challenge of how to get power to devices mounted on lamp posts, tops and sides of buildings, security fences, and many other unusual places can often be the very last thing on an engineer’s mind. Take the case of small cells. What’s the first thing any good 4G-network planning engineer […]

Wireless 1 February 2017

Glossary of RF Path Terms

We’ve put together a blog post compiling a RF path glossary with a list of terms that are commonly used in radio frequency applications. Alternating Current (AC) An electrical current that changes polarity (i.e., direction) 50 to 60 times per second. It offers significant efficiencies when transmitted across power lines, making it the standard current […]

Wireless 7 September 2016

Maximizing Capacity With Microwave Backhaul

Network capacity and managing demand Simply put, capacity is a network’s ability to handle transmission traffic. In the case of cell communications, this traffic means voice and data – often, a great deal of data. As capacity demands continue to rise with the spread of long-term evolution (LTE) and 4G mobile devices, smart planning becomes […]

Wireless 31 August 2016

Interference Isolation Techniques for Transmitters and Receivers in Antenna Systems

Achieving sufficient isolation The correct degree of isolation between transmitters and receivers can be implemented by one of two methods: 1) Use two antennas, physically separated by a given distance, or; 2) Use the appropriate duplexer with a single-antenna system. Let’s examine the first option of two physically separated antennas. Within this option, there are […]

Wireless 24 August 2016

How To Overcome Interference Challenges In Duplex Communications?

How isolation helps overcome challenges in duplex communications? In duplex RF systems, transmitting and receiving frequencies are close to each other. In addition, the antennas will also be physically close, or even share a single antenna. This results in two main sources of interference  – receiver desensitization and transmitter noise. How can we overcome these […]

Wireless 17 August 2016

Isolating Sources Of Interference In Wireless Systems

Example Sources of Interference: An RF communications system that employs simultaneous, two-way flow of voice, data or other information is called a duplex system. Duplex communications systems combine multiple transmit and receive channels on a shared antenna, with information flowing both ways at the same time. Imagine the simultaneous flow of traffic on a busy […]

Wireless 10 August 2016

Remote Radio Head (RRH) & Their Advantages

A new kind of remote control: In the innovation game, improvements often come in small steps. But, every now and then, a quantum leap takes place, changing our ideas of what’s possible. In the case of cellular base station technology, an innovative and increasingly popular approach to its basic architecture means more performance for fewer […]

Wireless 3 August 2016

Amplification Methods For Co-Siting Solutions

Amplification: Another technology that makes co-siting possible is amplification. There are several ways amplification can be used in support of the co-siting devices, expanding their utility, power and range. Single carrier power amplifier: One of the hybrid combiner’s drawbacks is its high rate of insertion loss for both TX and RX signals. One way to […]

Wireless 27 July 2016

Co-Siting Solutions: Multi-band and Same-band Combining

What is Multi-Band Combining? Multi-Band Combining is a method of frequency multiplexing. It takes advantage of the fact that feeder cables are naturally well suited to being shared by multiple frequency bands. In other words, multiple base station services can be funneled into a single feeder cable that runs up the tower to the antennas. […]

Wireless 20 July 2016

An Overview of Co-Siting Solutions

Challenges with Co-siting Solutions: If you’ve ever tried to get more use out of the space in your home by combining a home office with a guest bedroom, you may not have been entirely satisfied with the results? Sure, you’ve saved space by making one room do the job of two, but you probably found […]

Wireless 13 July 2016