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Get on the RF Path to Enlightenment

The increasing demand for bandwidth and capacity: Several key factors are driving the evolution of cell site architectures, with the primary driver being the increasing demand for bandwidth and capacity. This demand is being addressed in a number of differing ways: new radio technologies like HSPA (High Speed Packet Access) and LTE (Long Term Evolution) […]

Wireless 29 September 2014

Get Ahead With Advanced Antenna Technology

Get the maximum available signal by fine tuning your antennas: As more and more devices join our networks and use up our valuable bandwidth, what can we do to keep our networks functioning? More and more devices are eating up available wireless bandwidth and we need to ensure that we have the maximum available signal […]

Wireless 16 September 2014

Key Testing Issues For Wireless Engineers

Wireless Engineers and Testing: Wireless communication systems need good integration of all components from the ground to the antenna. It is important that these components are matched from an RF standpoint. Otherwise, significant reflections will occur that degrade overall performance of the RF system. At a cell site, antennas are connected to the transmitter/receiver with […]

Wireless 4 September 2014

Putting antenna theory into practice

All About Antennas: It’s obvious that the antenna system is an important part of an RF communication system — without it the system wouldn’t work. Equally obvious is the fact that the antenna system is common to both the transmitter and the receiver; any change made in the antenna system affects both transmission and reception. […]

Wireless 14 August 2014

PIM Certified Operators Reducing Signal Degradation

Passive Intermodulation (PIM) For a wireless cellular network to achieve its full operating potential, each sector within the network must perform up to its design standard. Reducing Passive Intermodulation (PIM) is a key component of maintaining an efficient network. When this does not occur, the economic impact to the service provider can be substantial: lost […]