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7 Considerations For Your In-Building Wireless Future

7 Considerations For Your In-Building Wireless Future

19 April 2018 | Reading Time: 2 minutes

In-building wireless solutions have changed dramatically over the past few decades. From the first commercially available wireless devices of the 1980s, to modern advanced wireless networks, wireless connectivity has evolved. As a result of this evolution, new solutions have risen to provide the reliable connectivity that is required today, regardless of location, situation and demand.

As society’s demand for ubiquitous coverage became a common, everyday lifestyle expectation, in-building wireless solutions have become a necessity for building owners, facilities managers, architects and others who are in the business of making an enterprise space attractive and functional.

7 Considerations For Your In-Building Wireless Future

Of course, there are multiple considerations when it comes to in-building wireless, from selection, to implementation, to budgeting and more.

As we’ve outlined in previous posts, there are multiple areas of consideration when it comes to in-building wireless.

For example, it’s important to understand:

For small to mid-sized enterprise environments, the question is no longer if an IBW solution should be deployed, but typically, what kind and how. Ensuring connectivity and quality of service, IBW is fast becoming our next great utility.

To ensure success, it’s important for enterprise building owners and architects to consider and understand what’s required with IBW solution planning, implementation, budget and more. And for infrastructure experts in particular, it’s crucial to maintain up-to-date wireless training certification, in order to offer the best IBW solutions for the right use cases at the right time.

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