e-Learning or Instructor-Led Training?

e-Learning or Instructor-Led Training?

25 September 2014 | Reading Time: 2 minutes

Is it better to learn online, or in a classroom?

This is one of my most often asked questions. Is it better to learn online, or in a classroom? For me, there’s no comparison!

Each has it’s own benefits and all students have their own preferred way of learning. Some people still prefer to be face to face in an instructor led training session, able to ask questions of their trainer or fellow students. In general though the benefits of e-Learning are quite compelling, especially for large or dispersed teams.

Review the matrix below to see how and why e-learning is the modern way to train and why we have adopted it as our strategic direction within the CommScope Infrastructure Academy.

AVAILABILITY Year-round access. One-time class.
24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Must be scheduled.
Convenient for student. Scheduling conflicts and inconvenience.
No travel expenses. Travel expenses, including airfare, meals, lodging, parking, and mileage.
Time savings for student. Lost time away from office.
EFFECTIVENESS Ideally paced; students can take courses at own speed. Student pushed through course in specific time-frame. Not self-paced.
Focus on and learn what is important to student and skip unnecessary information. All students taught all information and at same level as rest of class.
Consistent from student to student. Different trainers have different approaches and varying quality.
Long-term retention enhanced by taking courses in 20-30 minute segments over a number of days. Day- and week-long training not easily retained.
Students have access to courses anytime for a refresher. Student must review workbook, if available.
Can be used as a complement to ILT (as a prerequisite or in follow-up workshops). N/A
ADMINISTRATION Can track progress, launch courses, and measure learning effectiveness. Must be done manually.
Can be made easily available on the students’ workstation (with Internet access) or through Internet access at home. Must be done manually.

You can read more about why the CommScope Academy chose e-learning as it’s primary direction on our benefits of e-learning page, and see why over 9000 courses are completed online each year.


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