Is Your Infrastructure Ready For the Exponential Impact of Pervasive Networks?

Is Your Infrastructure Ready For the Exponential Impact of Pervasive Networks?

15 November 2017 | Reading Time: 2 minutes

Demand for connectivity is expanding to increasing numbers and types of device. Network infrastructures need to be able to cope with an Internet of Things – is yours ready?

Addressing the Exponential Growth of Modern Technologies

In the last few years modern technology has expanded greatly, leading to increasing numbers of internet-capable devices, and growing network demand. From smartphones to iPads to wearable tech, most of us take our gadgets with us wherever we go – including to the office. And while device accessibility is useful and improves productivity, it can cause some impressive (and increasing) network headaches.

The Impact of Pervasive Infrastructures upon Networks

Networks need to be able to cope with the influx of devices that are brought into the enterprise environment daily. They must also be prepared for this demand for connectivity to increase. And, they must be able to address the complexities inherent in device use, ranging from bandwidth, to security concerns, to productivity issues. And while it’s tempting to view an increasing volume of connected devices as a burden on the network, we must embrace these technologies and the opportunities they bring; by finding the best way to manage them in the context of more traditional network activity.

Coping With Increasing Digital Connectivity

Recently, we’ve moved closer to the vision of ‘intelligent things’ everywhere. The Internet is gradually extending into most aspects of our lives; literally billions of Internet-enabled microprocessors are appearing to provide digital intelligence and connectivity for almost every product and appliance around us – we’re already living in the Internet of Things! Interestingly, it is probably not consumers or end-users who have the most to gain from device networking – instead it is manufacturers and service providers. What has already become commonplace with connected computers will soon emerge as an important service extension for most products and equipment. Everything is going to be networked, not just as a sellable ‘feature’, but as an important component of the device’s operation. Imagine a world where networked devices were self-sensing, self-controlling and self-optimizing automatically, without any human intervention. This represents how all new applications for networks and their associated infrastructures will operate.

So what does this mean for Network Infrastructure?

With words like ‘everywhere’ and ‘exponential’ characterizing the future of our technology, it is difficult to see how it could mean anything but MORE infrastructure development and restructuring in so many ways! The main challenge facing building owners, IT managers, property developers and wired or wireless network planners is to ensure that this network revolution sits on a flexible and evolving infrastructure that is “future-ready and pervasive”. This infrastructure needs to be available whenever needed and promote a user friendly experience at all times. To help you meet the increasing demands for network infrastructure, our Passive Infrastructure Specialist courses cover every aspect you need to know; from RF Wireless Infrastructure Fundamentals, to Fiber Optic Infrastructure, to Structured Cabling Design and more. You can take a look at the full course listing here.  

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