How to Get Cabling Certified in 7 Steps?

How to Get Cabling Certified in 7 Steps?

24 March 2015 | Reading Time: 2 minutes

7 Steps to Selecting and Completing the Right CommScope Certification and Relevant Courses;

Want to get cabling certified but aren’t sure which courses to choose, what the training involves, or if it’s right for you?

Follow these steps to be confident in your cabling certification.

1. Choose a certification

Select which certification is right for you – from our entry-level fundamentals through our advanced credentials for the more seasoned technicians.
Consider which option best fits with your experience level, career path and targeted skill set.

2. Train for the assessment

Train for the assessment using a variety of methods, interactive eLearning course, on the job experience, coaching from experienced colleagues or instructor led courses. Each method can be used as standalone training or in tandem with other learning tools.

3. Find online courses and study materials

Use our online webcasts to help you prepare for the courses assessment. These webcasts have been reviewed and approved to provide well-rounded assessment preparation.

4. Learn about what the assessment covers

Learn more about what the assessment covers and key study points prior to taking the test. Read through CommScope assessment formats which cover certification rules and regulations, exam scoring and retake policy among others.

5. Review sample questions

Demonstration assessment questions are available for a general overview of what to expect on the assessment and examples of question format.

6. Find the right course and take the assessment

CommScope certification assessments can be found in the course online training areas, giving feedback of progress.

7. Once Complete, print the certificate and request the ID badge

Recognizing your certification is an important part of the process. The CommScope Infrastructure Academy issue you with a certificate and ID Badge where appropriate. These are clear and visible evidence of your achievement.

Get cabling certified, get recognized and get ahead today at CommScope Training.

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