Get the design and installation you deserve

Get the design and installation you deserve

10 October 2014 | Reading Time: 2 minutes

Design, Installation and Performance:

Achieving the highest performance from a network infrastructure solution begins with the research and development of the products, and it continues with quality manufacturing and reliable supply all around the world. But the challenge doesn’t end there.

According to end user surveys that we and other industry bodies have undertaken over the years, IT managers agree that product quality and performance are the top two factors in making decisions about their network infrastructures. However real-world applications show that the performance of those products can be seriously degraded by poor design and installation.

In other words, for maximum performance and reliability, you should give equal consideration to the solution and to the organization you select for design and installation.

Supporting infrastructure solutions through training

A comprehensive and specific training program is required to support infrastructure solutions and the companies that deliver them. It is a dependable measure of knowledge, professionalism and competency. Technical personnel must complete a range of courses, so that they can design and install infrastructure solutions most effectively.

Recognizing the qualifications of these designers and installers is more important than ever. I believe it should be regarded as a key compliance requirement, both on- and off-site. Accordingly, the CommScope Infrastructure Academy issues students, who successfully complete training courses, with training certificates and unique photo ID badges for the relevant training course.

Every project should involve certified designers & installers

Customers should expect a number of these certified badge-holders to be involved in projects. The certified disciplines including any specializations that the badge-holder has attained, are depicted by the logos that appear on the badge as shown.

qualifications from commscope infrastructure academy

The Commscope Infrastructure Academy Certification Badge

I believe the CommScope training accreditation and badge program is the only global program of its kind and clearly differentiates the world-class expertise of CommScope alumni. Many companies claim to be able to design, deliver and install high-performance solutions; however CommScope Infrastructure Academy students can prove their expertise with visible and trackable certification.

Be sure to demand only the best — we believe that is a graduate of the CommScope Infrastructure Academy.


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