A better booking experience at the Academy

A better booking experience at the Academy

28 November 2018 | Reading Time: 2 minutes

From the 14th November the booking experience of the CommScope Infrastructure Academy has been updated to take on a fresh and engaging new look coupled with a simpler, smoother booking process.

The basket has reduced from a lengthy process, going through multiple different pages to one fantastic page. This huge update has been based on valued feedback from our users and we are thrilled with how it has been developed, we hope you are too.  

See some of the new functionalities you can find.

A great new look:

A first glance will show you the fantastic, bright and modern new look. This new looks makes it much easier to see which parts of the bookings have been finished and distinguish between which courses or how many you have purchased.

A clean new look

Super simple searching:

If you are a company associated user, looking to book for others in your company, we have provided and improved the student search tool, making the process of booking for others a whole lot easier. Simply start typing the name, email address of ID number and the search will return instantly. You add the student to your booking by clicking on the green + button.

Easily add new students:

Where a student does not yet have an account with the Academy, no problem, simply create the student by adding a few details and submit. As long as the student’s email address hasn’t been used before, their account will be created, with their email address as their username and they’ll receive their account details by email.

Faster basket editing:

Booking more than one student on a course? Simply click the + button to add another course. No need to go back to the catalog, making the whole process quick and simple.

A clear new summary:

We have now included a summary section on the right side of the basket which updates with every new course added (with company and student attached). Here users can add in important information such as VAT numbers and a Training Passport (discount) number, with the discount amount updating immediately.


For further information about how to book your training and any other support, visit our Support Page: Help with bookings

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