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New Course Available: [SP6550] In-Building RF Wireless Fundamentals

New Course Available: [SP6550] In-Building RF Wireless Fundamentals

13 September 2017 | Reading Time: 2 minutes

The [SP6550] In-building Wireless Fundamentals course is now available.


What Does the SP6550 Course Cover?

This course is designed to help students understand the main infrastructure challenges surrounding RF Wireless networks indoors, and also provides detailed information to assist with equipment selection, infrastructure design and deployment.

The course also discusses the IBW and Wi-Fi solutions available, and provides insight into indoor RF design, project planning and deployment procedures for In-Building Wireless and Wi-Fi. Key terminology used in Cellular wireless networks and the technical fundamentals needed to consider a project design and implementation also considered in SP6550.

Some top level course objective are to help students to:

  • Access fundamental information to help them understand the basics of wireless systems and associated infrastructure inside buildings
  • Understand the terms used in wireless including units of measurement
  • Understand in-building wireless design and the components involved from end to end
  • Develop an understanding of cellular networks, detailing past, current and future technologies from 1G to 5G and Wi-Fi
  • Investigate different cabling options and look at antenna theory, design and placement
  • Discuss methods of increasing antenna coverage to meet ever increasing wireless demands
  • Consider in-building wireless systems including DAS, small cell, C-RAN and Wi-Fi
  • Consider cabling strategies for modern in-building wireless systems
  • Know key considerations for Indoor RF planning
  • Know key considerations for Indoor wireless project planning and implementation

Key topics covered include: Fundamentals of RF Communications,
Transmission Theory, Component matching, Signal to Noise Ratio, Standards relevant to Cellular Communications, Antenna Types, Indoor RF planning, Wiring for Wireless, RF System design and commissioning – and much more.

A full list of objectives and key topics are outlined on the SP6550 course page.


Who Should Take SP6550?

This course is designed for anyone involved in indoor RF Wireless communication networks, specification, termination, cabling and antennas. Essentially if you need to understand the principles of in-building Wireless Fundamentals, this course is for you.

Total estimated study time for this course is 6.5 hours.
You can find out more or book your place on this course here.

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