The new-look CommScope Training site: more accessible than ever before!

The new-look CommScope Training site: more accessible than ever before!

23 December 2014 | Reading Time: 2 minutes

What’s new?

You may have noticed CommScope training has a new visually dynamic look. Helping us provide the most current news and training, it contains the same certification programs, but delivered in the most user-friendly format possible.

Want to look for yourself? You can easily navigate our catalogue to search the full range of courses available. Our online training is designed to be delivered whenever and wherever to suit schedule, need and requirement.

We designed the CommScope Training site to be bold and modern, with clearly-defined areas making access to content as straightforward and useable as possible; a catalogue of complex training resources in one accessible location”


Jeremy Hickman, Freelance Web Designer at Strategic Internet Consulting


From webcasts to assessments, infrastructure certification has never been so accessible.

Improved Dynamic Interface

The new, accessible interface allows you to quickly navigate CommScope Training to find and access all training resources and related solutions.

The responsive design feature also means training is convenient and flexible – adapting to suit any device, you can access training via your your laptop, tablet and even your smartphone for remote learning.

“The mark of modern websites, responsive design adapts to suit a user’s device. For CommScope’s clients who often need access to training resources in the field, making the site as accessible as possible in all ways – from mobile to desktop – was a design priority.”


Alex Embling, Director at Strategic Internet Consulting


Buying a Course: Easier than Before!

With quick links from our homepage to all our training programs, buying a course and starting certification is quick, simple and easy.

For those of you involved in any aspect of fiber-optic communications, from design to specification to installation, our latest course –The Fiber Optic Infrastructure Specialist Course, has been designed to help you understand the market for fiber optic infrastructure, and all components of fiber transmission.

With no pre-requisite requirements, theres even a free sample course video, offering you a taster of what the course has to offer. Click here to watch the video.

Keep up to date with the latest industry news

Stay on top of the industry with our hand-picked news items.

Our new News Forum includes our latest article posts, news and highlights. You can easily browse by category; Broadband, Infrastructure, Training or Wireless, or simply by our most recent posts.

We have tailored our latest posts for your interest; watch this space for brand new comments sections – we’d love to hear your thoughts and questions about what we post, and suggestions for future topics.

Connect with us!

Don’t forget to connect with us on Twitter and Linkedin and share your thoughts with us on the new website!

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