Reinventing the SYSTIMAX Installer Training Program

Reinventing the SYSTIMAX Installer Training Program

31 May 2018 | Reading Time: 2 minutes

For the last 10 years, the way that SYSTIMAX Installer training has been delivered has changed very little and while we’ve had the honour of delivering over 13 thousand certificates during that time, we are looking at making some improvements.

Much of the CommScope training has been delivered online for many years now, but because of the nature of the Installer training, this has remained classroom based, bucking the trend of the online revolution. This is about to change.

Course iconFrom the 16th April, we have launching the all new ONLINE SP3361 SYSTIMAX Installation and Maintenance course, but this is an online course with a difference.

In creating a new online I&M course, we wanted to deliver a rich, interactive and example led course that provides a similar experience to a hands-on class and we are proud of what we have achieved and we hope you agree.

Here’s what to expect with the new online installer course:

  • An engaging experience: To ensure that topics are interesting and engaging we have included quizzes, interactions and games that the student will want to have a go with. These interactions will come in many different forms, but all are designed to help explain topics and ensure understanding.Animation
  • Gamification: We have designed this course so that completing it isn’t just about passing an exam, but instead by simply participating in the course and completing activities you will gain credits that count towards your course goals. This course is passed through participation, but also students are encouraged to attain Bronze, Silver or Gold medals, which can be shown off with pride.Gamification
  • A modern look and feel: It wasn’t that long ago that we updated how our courses look, but based on feedback received from users we have made some further improvements to our course page and an update to the training player to provide an even better experience.Example course
  • Included in the CommScope Passport scheme: This course will readily available to companies who have full CommScope passports. Alternatively it will be available for purchase individually, as will the other existing ND3361 and FC3361 SYSTIMAX Installation courses.

The online SP3361 SYSTIMAX Installation & Maintenance course can be view and booked here: SP3361 Course Details

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