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Ideal Applications for Fiber Optic Infrastructures – Schools, Hospitals, Factories

Ideal Applications for Fiber Optic Infrastructures – Schools, Hospitals, Factories

13 December 2017 | Reading Time: 2 minutes

Adapting to suit – How Fiber Optic Infrastructures Fit a Variety of Environments:

Capable of hugely varied application and function, fiber optic infrastructure solutions facilitate a wide range of environments and enable a more effective, productive future.

As an example, this post will examine three very different applications or areas that benefit from fiber optic infrastructure; schools, hospitals and factories.

Using Fiber Infrastructure in Schools

Today’s educators have a vision of where they want to take their institutions. It’s a clear image of high-tech classrooms, cutting-edge labs and unprecedented access to information. But of course, to create a high-tech environment for learning, the infrastructure must be there to support it.

Right now, schools, colleges and universities throughout the world are implementing powerful fiber optic infrastructure solutions to create better learning opportunities, raise learning standards, reduce costs and improve security.

Maximizing the performance of their networks, not just individual PCs, these institutions are investing in their network infrastructures from top to bottom, deploying ever-faster, higher capacity wired and wireless connections for simultaneous voice, video and data.

How Fiber Infrastructure Supports Hospital Environments

For healthcare facilities, a few seconds can make the difference between life and death. And in today’s advanced environments, effective communications networks can be just as critical a component as the skills of the most talented surgeon.

Healthcare facilities are unusually demanding environments for technology. The needs of operating rooms are completely different than those of visitor lounges and research areas, administrative offices and intensive care units.

Exacting applications like medical imaging, high-resolution video, video conferencing and SAN services require the performance only truly offered by fiber optic technology. And users whether patients or families, staff or administrators understandably demand responsiveness, reliability and flexibility from the services they need and enjoy.

Using Fiber Infrastructure to Support

When it comes to meeting today’s increasing demand for bandwidth in industrial facilities, a new standard for high-level communications in industries like liquid natural gas, offshore oil, mining and refining has emerged.

Despite operating in some of the world’s harshest environments, plants, refineries and even drilling vessels must be equipped to handle communicative workloads similar to what you might expect at a metropolitan office building.

While crews are on site, energy executives back at corporate headquarters expect up-to-the-moment statistics, live video feeds and consistent feedback. With so much at stake, oil and gas companies now view high-performance communications networks as arteries that meet their mission-critical needs. Downtime, if only for a few minutes, could bear severe consequences.

Industrial applications demand complete, end-to-end fiber optic infrastructure solutions that include cables and connectivity, enclosures, intelligent software and network design services tailored for the environment.

Considering Passive Infrastructure as a Whole

Of course, fiber is just one aspect of passive infrastructure as a whole. From fiber optic infrastructure, to RF wireless infrastructure, structured cabling design, microwave radio antenna planning and more, having the skills to support all aspects of passive infrastructure will help you and your networks get ahead in the growing market.

Looking at specific courses, CommScope’s Passive Infrastructure Specialist Courses cover all these core aspects of passive infrastructure. To learn more, you can view the full course listing here.

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