The Value Of Aesthetic Cabling For Accessible Infrastructure

The Value Of Aesthetic Cabling For Accessible Infrastructure

25 October 2017 | Reading Time: 2 minutes

Why Tame Snakes in the Closet?

cabling - snakes in a closetLet’s be honest, network infrastructure (cabling) isn’t usually known for it’s aesthetic value. Rarely does it go on display in museums or on the pages of art books or magazines. We’re not likely to see the inside of a data center in an art gallery any time soon!

In fact, network infrastructure design often focuses primarily on performance, quality and functionality – just as it should. That’s not to say that these aren’t important, but cabling infrastructures don’t usually become the objects of aesthetic appreciation.

However, aesthetics aren’t just a matter of products looking nice and neat. Rather, ensuring aesthetic infrastructure confirms that your network has been designed and installed in such a fashion that it is out of the way, easy to use and is able to accommodate change, both in the immediate future and over the long haul.

Essentially, a neat, tidy and tamed closet is not only kind on the eye – it means your network is accessible, well designed and so is able to adapt easily to changes, updates and optimization.

Cabling is beautiful!

cabling - snakes in a closetConsider how cabling winds its way from the individual rooms and workspaces of the user to telecommunications closets or to rooms positioned around a building or campus. In the case of power and telecommunications, this cabling will generally be from users’ desks. Lighting and environmental control systems are also accessed from areas or zones within the ceiling or other voids in the building.

That can be a sizeable volume of cabling to keep in order! Of course, building developers and others appreciate the quantity of cables required and try to provide adequate space.

But, maintaining good infrastructure design and aesthetic management in the first place is important to ensure optimum performance. This is usually most important in the areas where the cables from the horizontal distribution enter and are managed within the telecommunications closet/room.

Spot the cabling difference


It is in areas such as these where we all probably recognise the value and aesthetics of cabling. But if not I thought I would share a few pictures which I think show how cabling can be works of art. Yes, it is all in the eye of the beholder, cabling is beautiful!

Cabling in a data centre

Please feel free to share works of cabling art you may have come across – the good, the bad and the ugly. But no snakes please!

Learn How To Create Aesthetic, Optimised Infrastructure

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