The Infrastructure of a Data Center: What’s Included?

The Infrastructure of a Data Center: What’s Included?

11 November 2015 | Reading Time: 2 minutes

The Typical Layout of a Data Center:

The Data Center is more than just the computer room area. By definition, the Infrastructure of a Data Center includes the Computer room, Entrance room, Telecom room, Office, Network Operations Center (NOC) and Support Rooms.

Large data center layouts

For large Data Centers that utilize an entire building; the electrical, environmental, telecommunications and access systems must be integrated to work together throughout the building structure. Each of these systems must be optimized so that they can be easily maintained to provide effective service over the life of the facility. This includes long term and short term service reliability.

Small data center layouts

For smaller Data Centers within a large building, selecting a floor close to ground level and locating the equipment rooms close to the electrical and telecommunications entrance facilities is a typical choice.

Future requirements for the modern data center

Future plans for the infrastructure of a Data Center should also be considered. Customer migration strategies should be evaluated against any design proposal. Migration strategies might suggest a different floor or building if anticipated plans will not fit the existing choice.

Other areas and rooms will be required to complete the Data Center. The electrical room will hold switchgear, Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), and backup facilities. Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) maybe a consideration in terms of its positioning. The loading dock and storage areas should also be considered carefully, as much of the equipment in a Data Center will be large and difficult to move, so storage should be adjacent, with easy access into the remaining areas of the building.

Staging and unpacking areas

Loading areas can become contaminated with dirt. So, there needs to be consideration of a staging/unpacking area between here and clean storage facilities.

HVAC like electrical, is likely to require large boiler and cooling room areas.

Server and network build areas, sometimes referred to as a fit-up room or burn-in room, are dedicated areas for IT staff and engineers to unpack, setup, pre-configure, and test equipment. This room should be in close proximity to the computer room and loading facilities. In addition to these areas, you will need to consider security rooms and vendor support rooms, etc.

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